How To Know If He's The One God Has For You. God usually speaks through the obvious and practical details of our lives. Here are five ways to know god’s will for our lives.

Psalm 139118 God Knows Who We Are And He Knows Where We from

He is the eternal, personal, divine, creating, life giving, incarnate son of god. Here is one of them: Why would god reveal his specific will for you when you are not obeying his obvious will for you?

Also, If You Feel Comfortable With Him, It Is A Cue That He Is The Man You Have Been Waiting For Your Entire Life.

As you seek love and marriage, god has given you some very clear guidelines of his will. Jesus christ laid down his life for us” (1 john 3:16). He’s funny, romantic, and attentive.

God Has An Incredible Plan, And He Wants To Use You!

How can i know god? When you know your creator and his voice, you can hear him above the noise. God is working to lead you to the right person.

We Know It Because Of Jesus Christ.

If he is always there for you and if he wants to help you in your difficult times, it is a proven sign he is the right man for you. He is faithful, and whatever he has called you to do, he will accomplish it through you. He wants to prepare you for eternity.

He Has Come Down From God.

God knows your desires and the devil does too; Three answers to the question: Here is one of them:

Write It Down And Make It Plain.

6) he will give you provision for it. Therefore if you think someone is the “one” and yet they don’t feel the same way, god is not speaking what you think. 4 important signs he’s not the one god has for you.