How To Sleep After Shoulder Rotator Cuff Surgery. However, to ensure better security during sleep, it is also recommended to wear a sling while sleeping. If you’re experiencing extreme discomfort, you may want to try sleeping in a reclined position using a supportive pillow.

How to Sleep After Shoulder Replacement Surgery Sleeping from

Avoid sleeping flat on your back. To sleep after your shoulder surgery, apply an ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables to your shoulder about a half hour before you go to bed to help reduce the pain and. Even a moderate pain in your shoulder could give you discomfort and prevent you from having a good sleep.

Bolstering Yourself Up In Your Bed With Several Pillows Or With A 45 Degree Wedge That You Can Purchase At A Medical Supply Store Will Help You Rest.

(if you google any variation of rotator cuff surgery sleeping options, you'll get plenty of ideas.) i overstated the value of the lift chair; Sleeping after rotator cuff surgery can be uncomfortable and you might find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. I am a 56 year old female who usually has a high tolerance for pain.

Moreover, Popup Your Arm On Pillows To Enhance Blood Flow And Endorse Faster Healing.

If there are conflicting instructions from your doctor and therapist, please meet your doctor to clarify. If this muscle or tendon is torn or strained, doctors may recommend rotator cuff surgery to repair the damage. Many people prefer to sleep in a recliner after having shoulder or rotator cuff surgery because it allows them to maintain maximum comfort throughout the.

See Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery.

How do you sleep in bed after rotator cuff surgery? Rotator cuff surgery can affect your sleeping position, and being able to sleep days after this surgery will be a challenge. Give these positions a try:

If You Sleep On Your Side, Sleep On Your Uninjured Arm And Stack Pillows.

Often, patients have to sleep with an incline for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. If you’ve had rotator cuff surgery, some experts say it takes about 6 weeks after surgery until you can sleep comfortably in a horizontal position. Patients with single shoulder surgery have to sleep at an incline for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

To Sleep After Your Shoulder Surgery, Apply An Ice Pack Or Bag Of Frozen Vegetables To Your Shoulder About A Half Hour Before You Go To Bed To Help Reduce The Pain And.

I slept in a recliner for one week. It is recommended to sleep in a reclining position, easier on a recliner or a sofa. It is also worth noting that as your sleeping comfort improves, it is worth slowly lowering your body down over time until you are back to a horizontal position.