What Four Numbers Do Visa Cards Start With. Card numbers start with the numbers 51 through 55. Mastercards start with the number 5.

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The first digit assigned to all visa cards is four, and the second through sixth numbers are connected to the financial institution. Visa credit card number always start with 4. Most visa cards start with the number '4' and mastercards with the number '5'.

Visa Card Numbers, For Example, Always Start With A 4.

Visa credit card numbers start with the number 4. (there are diners club cards that begin with 5. The bin list and bin range used on binlist by the major card schemes are:

These Are A Joint Venture Between Diners Club And Mastercard, And Are Processed Like A Mastercard.) Discover:

2 — mastercard (the issuer started using codes beginning with this number in 2017.) 3 — american express or diner’s club; Card numbers begin with 6011 or 65. Discover cards begin with the number 6.

Carte Blanche And Diners Club With 38.

Do all visa cards start with 4147? All credit card numbers follow a standard formula by which the first six digits of the credit card identify the company that issued the card. The first 6 digits help to identify the card issuer, known as an issue identifier number or ‘iin’.

For Example, American Express Card Numbers Start With 37;

Other numbers are used to identify the industry. In particular, if your credit card is a visa, the first digit of your visa card number will be a 4. Airline credit cards start with a 1 or a 2, and diners club and american express cards begin with a 3.

A Discover Card's First Digit Is The Number 6, Mastercard's Is 5, And.

Visa card numbers start with a 4. Each credit card has a unique string of numbers, but the first one or two digits can help you identify the payment network. For instance, 1 and 2 are used for the airline industry.